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You can have a new lash for everyday of the week! Introducing our all new “Lash Books, This lash book comes equipped with 16 pairs of luxury mink lashes! Each length ranges from 15mm-25mm. Each pair of lashes lasts up to 25x each! That’s 400 wears! Our lashes are very versatile and can be worn for any occasion. All lashes are cruelty free and made with the highest quality materials.



Book of Lashes: "Paris" lengths are 18mm-25mm. This book is dedictated to ladies who prefer yhe most versatility with their lashes. Perfect for work, school, weddings, glass wearers, going out etc.

Instant Lash Enhancement
Luxury Lashes at a great price
Each pair lasts up to 25 wears
Lash extension look in the comfort of your home
Soft and Fluffy
Cruelty free
Fits any eye shape

This lash set is perfect for makeup artist and makeup lovers who are constantly applying lashes. This set allows you to have access to multiple lashes for one price, so you no longer have to break the bank! All lashes are versatile and are flexible to fit any eye shape. Each set lashes up to 25x wears giving you 400 wears for one price !